Top Ten Reasons to Use a Rice CookerEdit

  1. Rice is a staple starch of Asian food that is used all the time
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    This rice cooker is still kicking today!

  2. You don't have to pay attention to rice in a rice cooker
  3. They only take up as much room as the pot you would have used anyway.
  4. You can cook your starch concurrently with everything else
  5. They free up a burner on the stove.
  6. It shuts off on its own when its done so you are unlikely to burn the house down
  7. They cook the rice perfectly evenly
  8. You can steam stuff in it
  9. Cooking rice with a rice cooker is almost idiot proof.
  10. Owning a rice cooker lends you more street cred in Asian circles

Ways I have proven it is not totally idiot proof:Edit

1) Incorrect ProportionsEdit

Mom always said just to put enough water in to have about 1 knuckle's depth of water over the level of the rice. Obviously this is very imprecise and can lead to disaster depending on how much rice you're going to cook and how small your hands are. Usually the correct ratio is about 1:1, but follow the instructions that come with the rice cooker. Another trick for getting a good consistency is to fluff the rice immediately after it is done but then wait for 5-10 minutes before serving because it tends to allow the moisture to even out.

2)Trying to shut it off earlyEdit

Believe me: the rice cooker is smarter than you. Don't rush it.

3) Trying to run it without powerEdit

You gotta plug it in. And you gotta turn it on. Just double check to see that the little light is on. It takes some time to cook a substantial amount of rice and it can put a hurt on the timing of your meal if you forget to start the rice when you start cooking. (ie everything else will be cold by the time your rice is done.)

4) Forgetting a pot holderEdit

Even though there's no open flame involved, and there may be no steam coming out of the lid, the rice cooker will still be very hot when it is done. Take the proper precautions!

5) Buying a cheap cookerEdit

A good rice cooker will last you a long time. Conversely, buying cheap ones will only give you headaches and you will end up buying several.

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