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    • Don't be shy- if you forget to do something or categorize something or even if your grammar is bad, an administrator will be sure to see your edits and fix them.
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  • Use Common Sense and Common Courtesy when writing anything
  • If you are about to delete/move something big, check with the person who wrote it or with

Site Features

  • User Pages- these options are accessed by clicking on your user name to the left of the logout button above:
    • Profile: A page for you to describe yourself. It is locked to everyone else.
    • Talk Page- a message board or wall where anyone can edit messages to you. Depending on your browser settings, you may get popups when you log on and there are new messages on this page
    • Blog- A place for quick message posts.
    • User Preferences- there are a number of customizations you can make be sure to check out:
      • Facebook connect- you can use facebook to sign on to this site, also you can have your major posts automatically get posted to your Facebook wall
      • Time Settings- make sure your time zone is accurate, otherwise your signature time stamp will be reported at the server time and it will look like you never sleep
      • Signature- you can customize the text that appears before the time stamp on your signature (which you sign using four ~'s anywhere in any post to indicate you wrote some portion of a page.)

More Help

  • If you need more specific help, there is a wealth of info at : Category:Help
  • To ask a question, visit the Help Desk at Forum:Help desk
  • Visit the community page! That's where you can communicate with each other about anything you've added or with helpful hints for each other.
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