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Aunt Chu[]

by Matt Khowong on Monday, October 11, 2010 at 9:18pm


Aunt Chu passed away. I can't believe it. I just can't. I mean, she was so healthy - and I don't mean your average joe healthy. I mean ox/hulk/bulldozer/any industrial grade weapon type of strong. She was an exercisoholic. Aside from those physical feats of strength though, she was a compassionate and thoughful person. I'm straining my mind to describe how amazing she was but am drawing blanks because quadruple superlatives just won't cut it. Most people in this world stand by the river, watching it. She jumped in it with her heart and soul. She made the lives around her shine brighter. It's such a shame that someone with so much soul hadto be taken away.

In her passing though, she gave me a gift. She gave me some of that soul, some of that "Matt, you are a rockstar - so you better rock the fuck out of life!" type of drive that she had such an abundance of.

Some people know that my early college experience was mostly thorns (UGLY THORNS) and not roses for me. Aunt Chu was a pillar of support for me during the darkest period of my life sophomore year of college. I was mentally unstable and felt defeated. I felt like a failure at the time. My parents and my brother were extremely supportive of me and tried to help me, which was something I expected. What I didn't expect though were the IMs, emails, phone conversations, and texts (YES, TEXTS haha she wrote hilarious texts) that were full of encouragement and optimism. I don't know why, but I have this one memory that has always stuck out in my mind. It was finals week spring semester of my PP2 year. I had an especially rough final exam schedule and was nervous about every one of those classes. On the morning of the first day of finals, I received a text early in the morning. Crack of dawn early. Now, I open my phone and the text is from Agoo <--note this is how I referred to her and how she referred to herself in conversations. And the text goes something like, "MATT, good luck on your exams, you can do it!! Eat lots of food!! LOVE AGOO". After reading the texts, I cracked a smile. Ok, I actually laughed really hard. I'm telling you though, that text brightened up that hell of a week. And, immediately after reading that text (I remember her sending another one too), I saved both of them and read them every now and then for encouragement.

I'm really going to miss you agoo.