Ever since I can remember, mom had loved her garden. It was always a flower garden. She made a few brief attempts at cultivating vegetables but they never grew like her flowers did. She was never an expert gardener. She disliked weeding and I don't think she particularly liked watering either, but she really liked her flowers. Flycogen 15:19, February 13, 2011 (UTC)

One of her dreams was to have a house with a garden that has a white fence. Perhaps the white fence gives good contrasts to the flowers. I also thought that she did not like to water and tried to help watering so that she could do something else. However, she complained that I did not water enough and she ended up water herself to make sure that her flowers were really saturated and satisfied. She rather spend money on top soils and fertilizers than on her own clothes and jeweries. She found herself happy working even in the dark, with mosquitos, and flies over her head. She planned so many red flowers to attract hummingbirds and was so happy to see them every year. She would count how many hummingbirds she spotted and how many I had a chance to see them. It was so exciting and enjoyable to be around her when we both have hummingbirds visits. by user:akongvee

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