Chu Savath Wiki

Rules For Starting New Pages:

  • Click on "add a page" it is a button with a light blue "+" to the right
  • Be sure to add the at least the categories "content" and "browse" so that people can find your stuff without searching for it
    • This is done by clicking the "Add Category" button (gray with a green + sign) at the bottom and typing in the category you want to add
  • Other Categories You Might Like to Add:
    • If you would like to write a personal tribute, name it after yourself and be sure to click "Add Category" and type in "Tributes" at the bottom of the page
    • Stories
    • Recipes
    • Events
  • Use lots of pictures!
  • Be sure to press publish or save at the bottom when you are done or else you will lose your work! (If this is happening a lot, you might want to consider typing in wordpad and pasting into the window.)
  • To sign any entries, just type four '~' in a row and your signature and a time stamp will be placed

Vince 15:28, February 1, 2011 (UTC)