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Vee Savath

Many people who knew Chu seldom found her with anger. Since she was my wife and I like to share with you what I experienced when she was angry. She would start to ignore me and focus on working on something that she normally did not like to do. I would feel so bad that I wanted to stop her and to ask her to talk to me. But if i did not pay attention to what she did, she would likely start organizing my things for me. She had never destroyed anything nor screaming at other people, although when things got difficult, she would be sad and cry for a while. I felt sad when she was angry for she took care of me so much and had been a wonderful wife to me. She practically spoiled me by taking care of many daily chores at home after taking care of alll my children. I would rather take a break when I am angry, but Chu turned her anger to work and made me think about the things she did for me. I was very fortunate that her anger usually lasted only a few hours before she showed her smile again and that it did not happen often while she was with me. I love her and I will always do as her husband.

Vince Savath

Mom was always a master at guilting us into feeling bad as punishment when she was mad. She never really had to scream or yell or intimidate us. All else fail, she would cry and that would really make you feel bad! 03:52, February 1, 2011 (UTC)Vince